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Global Multi-Channel Engagement Solutions

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Industry-leading support services designed to help field and office-based workers improve their overall technology experience and allow them to focus on mission-critical business goals

Are you losing productivity because your professionals have to take time out of their day to deal with minor software and/or hardware issues? Time and money are slipping away as you try to identify not just the right point of contact, but one that speaks your language.

To keep up with the pace of business, you need 24×7 issue resolution and data tracking of business technology, as well as professional multilingual support on hand.

C3i Healthcare Connections is the leading provider of technical support services for life sciences companies worldwide. In fact, half of the world’s top 50 pharma companies rely on C3i Healthcare Connections for technology support. We provide a 24×7 single point of contact solution for all your software and hardware needs, inquiries and issues – in more than 30 languages.

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“We love C3i.  We are all very pleased with your help desk service, and our Sharp IRT Staff is now able to sleep through the night.  The team in Bulgaria is very attentive to each and every request.  I expected we would have some issues and adjustments during the first month, but that all went much better than we expected. Having done help desk work ourselves, we appreciate all of the hard work your staff is doing for us. Thanks!”

Dave Holly, Senior Manager, IVR Services

Sharp Clinical

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C3i Healthcare Connections delivers global, multi-channel engagement solutions.

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