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C3i Healthcare Connections has always put a forward and progressive thought in place while designing its employee benefit schemes and hence been a career building organization rather than a mere job seeker’s destination. Hiring process in C3i is structured to pick the best of the available talent both through qualitative and quantitative methods. The effective hiring process filters both merit and the potential candidates.

Career Opportunities

The Benefit schemes in C3i are designed to build competitiveness, motivation and administrative effectiveness across the organization. Here are the benefits that C3i provides to its employees:

  • Corporate Culture: C3i is known for its best corporate culture and lively atmosphere. Cultural activities have always been the primary focus area amongst all the HR initiatives. This is well supported by the fact that the highest percent of our employees have a long tenure in the organization, which is an admirable figure in the ITES industry known for its high floating of workforce.
  • Best Salary Package – Compensation system in C3i is designed to be the most competitive in its segment in the market. The compensation system is reviewed and revised every year to be one among the top companies in the same line of business.
  • Performance Incentive – Employees are also provided with performance incentive paid yearly, based on their performance. This is designed not only to recognize the extra efforts put in by the employees but also to foster good morale amongst them.
  • Medical Insurance – We offer Group Medical Insurance benefit for all the employees and their dependents.
  • Accidental Insurance – We offer Personal Accidental Insurance benefit for all the employees.
  • Provident Fund – Retirement benefit for all C3i employees. A member of the PF can withdraw full amount at the credit in the fund on retirement.
  • Leave Travel Allowance – C3i offers travel allowance to its employees who fall under Mid Management and above. Employees can avail this benefit twice in block of four calendar years.
  • Gratuity – Gratuity is provided, in line with the Law compliance. Every employee upon completion of 5years is eligible for this benefit.
  • Rewards & Awards – Awards & Rewards are designed to motivate, compensate and retain the best talent in the organization. These awards are given to appreciate the outstanding efforts of the employees in a special way.
  • Cab Facility – C3i Healthcare Connections offers Cab home pick and drop facility for all its employees. Cab facility in C3i is one of the best-implemented benefits as compared to many others in the industry.

Those interested to apply for any position at C3i Hyderabad may send us their resume at Careers-Hyd@c3i-inc.com. Based on the open job opportunities you will be contacted.


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