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About C3i Healthcare Connections

Vision, Mission & Values

C3i Healthcare Connections’ Vision

  • Be the leader in customer experience and outcomes, focused on innovative products and solutions that create value.
  • Develop and enhance the strategic partnerships with our clients that enable us to focus on our competitive advantage.
  • Lead the industry in delivering quality services that enhance the consumer experience and influence patient outcomes.
  • Develop and launch new innovative products that expand our multi-channel customer engagement, in partnership with our clients.

C3i Healthcare Connections’ Mission

Delivering exceptional results in transforming the consumer experience.

C3i Healthcare Connections’ Values

The core values that guide C3iHC’s approach to business, characterize our culture, and have stood the test of time are: Integrity, Passion, Courage, Collaboration, Innovation, Empowerment & Accountability, and Wellbeing.

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